First Comments about The Genealogy of the Crusaders

Glenn Martel - -

I purchased an autographed copy from Ky White a couple of weeks ago. It came prompt; in the mail and I was pleasantly surprised. From the photo, I had expected a somewhat thin book. The book is over an inch thick, with 380 pages of material and another 20 with bibliography, and index. "Genealogy of the Crusaders" makes a great reference book. If you have like Mr. White's posts, you will love his new book. Starting chronologically with the year 1095 and ending after 1291, Mr. White has provided a wonderful combination of dates, names, history, maps, and crests. To the extent it is available, Mr. White has included who did what in each year, and a little about their families. Conveniently, at the bottom of each page are cites to the original sources. This makes the book a wonderful all-in-one starting source for those wishing to learn more about the Crusades and/or their ancestors role in the wars, that you will enjoy, Well worth the money.

Ray Rooks - -

I got Ky's book and Wow! This is not just biographies of the Crusaders but a history of the crusades. This is an excellent genealogy reference work that stands alone with staggering individual Crusader detail. This IS a great work by Ky!

William Conger - -

I received my copy of your Genealogy of The Crusaders: Their Triumphs & Tragedies. It's a beautifully designed book and expertly organized. I'm really enjoying reading it and learning a lot about the Crusaders, including some of my ancestors. I think your book fills a gap in the histories of the Crusades by giving the lineages and deeds of so many of the Crusaders. I have quite a few books on the Medieval period and I think of Jonathan Riley-Smith, a History of The Crusades, 2nd edition, as the classic on the subject. But your book makes a wonderful companion to Riley-Smith for those who seek the family records of important Crusaders beyond their roles in the grand sweep of the Crusader era. Thanks for writing this book.

Carlita Brown--

My copy has arrived . . . and it exceeds ALL hopes and expectations for this book. I knew it would be good but it's so much, much better than good! Anyone with noble ancestors MUST have a copy of Ky's new book on the Crusaders in their collection of genealogical works. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Leo B. "Mac" McDowell - -

"The Genealogy of the Crusaders" is a superb compendium! Extremely well-researched, well-written, well-illustrated, organized and referenced. It's a home run. It is most informative without being ponderous - very rare in a historical work of its depth and richness. This WILL NOT be my only copy. Congrats to Ky and Cindy.

Patricia Leeau - -

Finally, I had a chance to delve deeply into your wonderful book on the Crusaders. So many of my ancestors are in there, with good information and sources. It is an interesting well-made book. I appreciate the time line of the crusades, which I thought I was going to have to construct myself. Thank you for getting me the book so promptly. I love the book and am so glad you wrote it, your wife illustrated it and that I bought it.

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