We want our charts to be a showpiece and an heirloom. They come in two sizes. 24x36 is the default size. Some prefer a chart that is 18x24 due to limited wall space. The price is the same regardless of size.

Our charts are drawn, by hand, to your specifications. We are happy to highlight your favorite ancestors, whoever they may be. No app does what we do. We analyze your pedigree from your gateway ancestor and draw a first draft and send that to you.

We ask you to verify that we’ve shown the ancestors you want or excluded the ones you do not want on the chart. We will edit and send you several drafts until you are satisfied that the chart is exactly what you want. We do not send the chart to the printer until you tell us to ship it.


Connie Jane Bobo - -

Ky, my chart came, and I want to thank you and Cindy again for everything. I appreciate so much your help and for my beautiful chart. They were raving over it at the framers. I hope to get you more business. Love and hugs to you.

Susan Brown Farmbach - -

Ky.....OMG, OMG.....I cried when I opened the mysterious long triangle box yesterday!! WOW WOW.....little did I know my Nephew Tim O'Leary got in touch with you and had you make this beautiful chart for me!!! I am in love with it!! THANK YOU! Your work is a treasure. My kids are going to have it framed as a Christmas gift to me. It is huge!! So much fun!! I cried on the drive home from my Daughter's house and cried when I got home!! I am in such disbelief that Tim had this chart done by you! I spoke with him yesterday and he told me how you and he talked about the chart and how you helped him. Thank you for your wonderful talent from the bottom of my heart!  I am thrilled beyond words. You do awesome work!