Your descent from medieval nobility or american founders.

A Multi Volume Book of Your Ancestry back to Early Medieval Times

3 Volume Min
Price Per Volume $850.00

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Discover not only who your ancestors were, but what they did. Short biographies of your medieval notables are included. Every page is color with historically accurate coats of arms. Usually 2,000-3,000 footnotes per volume. Usually 3 volumes to reach William the Conqueror, 4 volumes to reach Charlemagne, 5 volumes to reach Merovech, Cerdic, St. Gregory. Many of our small charts and illustrations are included. Each volume fully indexed. It is published by an Amazon and will be available there with an ISBN No.

You can provide us with photos and biographies leading to the Gateway Ancestor and we take it from there. Easily accommodates more than one Gateway Ancestor.

3 reviews for A Multi Volume Book of Your Ancestry back to Early Medieval Times

3 Volume Min
Price Per Volume $850.00

  1. Kirsten von Moltke (verified owner)

    Dear Ky – I am extremely grateful for the time and effort you & Cindy put into my books. Your efforts went way above and beyond my expectations with respect to all of the additional research you did, which resulted in expanding the three volume set to a fourth & fifth volume. The fact that you devoted 90 days to this project speaks to the care and dedication you bring to EVERY book and chart you create for your customers. Thank you again for your exceptional efforts and your kindness throughout the process!

  2. Kate Kirkpatrick

    Kirsten, I echo your praise and appreciation for the amazing skill and care Ky and Cindy put into EVERY book and chart! I love the family heirloom they created for me.

  3. Debbie Thomas

    I love my three volume books that Ky and Cindy White did for me.

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